Best Patio Dining Sets outdoor dining set featured

The 5 Best Patio Dining Sets

Best Patio Dining Sets outdoor dining set featured

The 5 Best Patio Dining Sets

Want to have a great lunch or dinner in your porch while enjoying fine weather? You may find it easy to have this beautiful experience by simply purchasing practical and elegant patio dining sets.

Choosing a patio dining set is a big decision. And finding the best dining set for you patio is very difficult, with endless options, materials, styles and colors to filter through. We build this helpful guide to bring you all of the best patio dining sets that will suit your outdoors. Moreover, there is a buying guide in this article, so make sure to read it before choosing your dining set.

Shop smart – Buy the best patio dining sets with confidence

  • If there is room in your budget, we recommend the 11 Pc Luxurious Grade-A Teak Dining Set from WholesaleTeak. Teak wood is extremely durable and it does not need any special care to last for decades.
  • For those who want to spend a lot less money or buy a value-for-money patio dining set, we suggest taking a look at the Green Pamapic 7 Piece Patio Dining Set, which is a great selection as a budget set.

Best Patio Dining Sets

  • Best Overall: Hanover Traditions TRADITIONS7PCSW 7-Piece Patio Dining Set (tan) (read our review)
  • Best Premium: WholesaleTeak New 11 Pc Luxurious Grade-A Teak Dining Set (read our review)
  • Best Value: Pamapic 7 Piece Patio Dining Set, green (read our review)
  • Best for tight budgets: Devoko 9 Pieces Patio Dining Set, Beige (read our review)
  • Best for kids: KidKraft Outdoor Wooden Table & Bench Set with Cushions and Umbrella, for ages 3-8 (read our review)

— Read our Patio Dining Sets Buying Guide

Best Overall Patio Dining Set

Hanover Traditions TRADITIONS7PCSW 7-Piece Patio Dining Set (tan)

Hanover Traditions TRADITIONS7PCSW 7-Piece Outdoor Dining Set (tan) Best Patio dining sets
Cast aluminum furniture sets for outdoor use are among our favorites because they are durable, very rust-resistant and easy to clean. This one features seven pieces that each one has a sturdy aluminum frame with a sleek and beautiful oil-rubbed bronze weathered gray finish. The patio dining set from Hanover features a 38″x72″ rectangle dining table and six armchairs.

Not only are the chairs stylish, they are very comfortable and functional. What’s more, two of them are swivel rocker chairs. Each chair has 250 pounds weight capacity and a removable 3″ thick seat cushion that has a tan color which the brand calls “natural oat”. The comfy seat cushions resist UV rays, stains, dry quickly, can maintain their original shape and have hook-and-loop fasteners. The large dining table weighs 66 pounds, has an umbrella hole and an enormous weight capacity of 350 pounds.

Overall, this is among the best patio dining sets because of how durable it is. Potentially the most easy to assemble set on our list, this impressive and classy patio dining set has a welcoming vibe and a rustic warm charm. This set belongs to the Traditions Collection of Hanover brand and it is available also with red and blue seat cushions, a matching 9 ft. umbrella or 6 swivel chairs instead of 2. You do not have to spend a fortune for this aluminum patio dining set for 6 because it comes with a fair price and 1‐year limited warranty.

Best Premium Patio Dining Set

WholesaleTeak New 11 Pc Luxurious Grade-A Teak Dining Set

WholesaleTeak New 11 Pc Luxurious Grade-A Teak Dining Set best patio dining sets outdoor dining set
When it comes to quality of materials, there isn’t any material that can beat teak. In our opinion, teak wood is the best material for outdoor furniture. Teak is beautiful, extremely durable due to its high natural oil content and it does not require much care. What is more, this patio dining set from WholesaleTeak is made of grade A teak. The main disadvantage of teak wood is its price.

The arbor arm chairs of this set are stackable and the 117” long rectangle table is expandable. Also, the table has a 2” hole for umbrellas. Despite the picture of the product, it does not include any seat cushions. This is not, necessary, a minus because the chairs are already comfortable. However, if you need cushions then choose ones with dimensions 17×17 and 2,5”-3” thickness. The manufacturer suggests these Sunbrella cushions and we agree!

Best Value Patio Dining Set

Pamapic 7 Piece Patio Dining Set, green

Pamapic 7 Piece Patio Dining Set, green best patio dining sets outdoor dining set
The seven piece patio dining set from the Pamapic brand includes a rectangle iron dining table and 6 matching PE rattan dining chairs. Each wicker dining chair has a comfortable dark green 2.4″ thick seat cushion. The table has a 2″ hole for an umbrella, adjustable table feet and a nice-looking table top with iron slats.

The modern style and color of this wonderful dining set will suit many outdoor areas. It is not easy to assemble, however, its price might be worth the extra effort for assembly.

Best Patio Dining Set for tight budgets:

Devoko 9 Pieces Patio Dining Set (Brown/Beige)

Devoko 9 Pieces Patio Dining Set (Brown Beige) best patio dining sets outdoor dining set
Looking to buy a more affordable option? Then the popular 9 Pieces Patio Dining Set from Devoko is your match. Made from brown rattan PE that surrounds the steel frame, It has a cozy yet modern look that makes it look double its price.

The outdoor dining set includes one table with glass top, four single chairs, four ottomans and twelve zippered cushions. It also comes in brown/red and brown/blue options. It is not very easy to put together, however considering its very low price, it is an amazing patio set.

Best Patio Dining Set For Kids

KidKraft Outdoor Wooden Table & Bench Set with Cushions and Umbrella (for Ages 3-8)

Best patio dining sets outdoor dining picnic KidKraft Outdoor Wooden Table Bench Set with Cushions and Umbrella (for Ages 3-8)
It is not uncommon that kids have their own spot for dining at family gatherings. We all have been in this situation as kids and maybe you remember the crappy furniture that was used for you and your friends or relatives of the same age (editor’s note: I still remember…). Well, don’t do this to your children or grandchildren.

KidKraft is a brand that specializes in kid’s furniture. They have quality furniture sets that are safe and fun for kids. The KidKraft Outdoor Patio Set is among the best patio dining sets on the market because it does what it is intended to do. It is a cute picnic set for kids, high quality, stable and has a nice finish without splinters. It is made of sanmu wood, it features two benches, a table, blue and white seat cushions and a folding umbrella. It is easy to put together, has the right size and the right price!

Best Patio Dining Sets buying guide

Finding the right pieces of dining furniture for your outdoor living areas can be tricky but we think we have got you covered with this guide! It will help you find the dining set that works best for you and your patio.

About patio dining sets

Do you want a comfy piece that will be a great addition to your deck or any other outdoor living area? Give an elegant, yet practical feel to any patio or any other outdoor space with patio dining sets and make them more beautiful. The best patio dining set will add freshness to it and can carry out the task.

You definitely can never make a mistake with patio dining sets for your beloved patio or any other outdoor living space. They have stunning visual features with an impressive personality suitable for outdoor use throughout the year. Take your treasured deck, porch or patio to the next level, with our top picks of classy and stylish patio dining sets.

Choose the material of the patio dining set

Need to purchase another dining set however not certain which material is best for your patio? Well, bless your lucky stars! Most materials are durable and have protection from UV rays, weather, etc.

Wood patio dining sets

There is nothing unexpected that unquestionably the best wood for patio furniture is used for dining sets. Wooden material, for example, acacia, eucalyptus, or teak are the common choices. They are wonderful but they can’t stand moisture. However, if you take good care of them, then they can last for a really long time. Assuming your budget plan permits it, choose a wood dining set made of teak. Last but not least, if you are going to place your dining set in an outdoor living area that has no shade, then prefer a wood dining set over a metal one because metal retains the heat.

Metal patio dining sets

Like in the case of wooden materials, the metal patio dining sets are popular. In addition, the metal materials that are used for manufacturing dining sets are durable and have special protective coatings. Aluminum such as cast aluminum sets are likely the most popular choices because they are very durable and rust proof. However, iron like cast iron or wrought iron patio dining sets remain popular too. Always, check the product information when shopping for a metal dining set. Powder and electroplated are good hydrophobic coatings and will provide sufficient protection for metal pieces of patio furniture against rust.

Plastic patio dining sets

The most common options for plastic outdoor dining sets are resin or rattan made of Poly Ethylene. If you have the budget and want to purchase a plastic furniture set, then go for Polywood or other similar High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) dining sets. Generally, you will not regret investing in them because they are significantly more durable.

The colors of dining sets for outdoor use

As the weather gets a little better, we all want to enjoy great weather and fresh air in outdoor living areas. If you really enjoy your patio or any other outdoor space, then your ultimate aim is to shop for the best quality pieces of outdoor furniture to metamorphose them into the ultimate relaxation or enjoyment-worthy spaces.

Obviously, the color of your furniture is very important. It will establish the vibe for your outdoor area. Generally speaking, people are not 100 percent sure if the color of their patio furniture will match or make a good contrast to their outdoor area. This is one of the primary reasons why the most popular colors are white, gray and black. You can’t go wrong with them.

Patio dining sets in many popular styles and designs

There are no limits with regards to dining sets for outdoor use because they are very popular. This is why you can find almost every common style. From modern to farmhouse, traditional or wicker patio dining sets, there are numerous choices for you to look over.

Seating capacity and special features

You can get a patio dining set in a wide range of seating capacity. Dining sets can serve from two to twelve or more people. Seven and nine piece dining sets are very popular. These patio sets come in all sorts of furniture types. You will find dining sets with swivel, sling or folding chairs or a combination of chairs and benches. Also, if you like comfortable sofa-type sets, then you can choose sectional dining sets.

If you like to have lunch at noon or early afternoon, pick a dining set with an umbrella hole or with an umbrella. It will protect you and your family or guests from getting burned by the sun. On the flip side, if you enjoy having your dinner outdoors in the evening or night, then shop for an outdoor dining set with a fire pit. In the case you need a set for enjoying munchies appetizers or cocktails, we suggest to you to have a look at counter height, high top or bar height patio dining sets.

What else to consider when shopping for the best patio dining sets

The most important thing to remember is that you need to choose one that is good for your seating needs, number and comfort-wise. Before purchasing the best patio dining sets, it is important to know some of the details you will need to consider. Specifically, the size, initial price, weight capacity and weight of the set’s pieces and your space’s size.

How we selected

All of the patio dining sets we feature in this article are from top brands, with ratings of at least four stars and during our research we consulted expert outdoor furniture sources. When assembling this list, we made sure to include a variety of styles, materials, seats and tables that suit various number of people.

In summary

There are a ton of great patio dining sets out there. Some of the best patio dining sets are designed with extremely durable materials such as teak wood or HDPE plastics. The best patio dining set that you choose should also take into consideration the specific needs of your outdoor living area. Choosing the right color and style is up to you. Once you have a good idea of the dining set that will best suit your patio, it’s time to go looking for it and that is where this buying guide comes in.